Why Vegetarian Deliciousness?

I have been a vegetarian for almost 8 years now for a variety of reasons, and every time the topic of my diet comes up I am faced with the same couple of questions. Why? And what do you eat?

A common idea among anyone calling themselves carnivores is that you cannot possibly have a meal that is either tasty or substantial unless it contains meat. They can rarely grasp the concept of a meal without meat, even though they probably have meatless meals every now and then without even thinking about it. My brothers claim to be hardened carnivores, but they will often happily devour just a plate of fries, grilled cheese, or pasta with a tomato sauce. But you mention the word ‘meatless’ or ‘vegetarian’ and they don’t believe it can be done.

A lot of people hear vegetarian and seem to think that I live on a diet of salad and raw vegetables, bland and boring. I do eat salad, but I eat a lot more besides. They can’t seem to equate variety with vegetarian, and yet I enjoy a lot more than the same handful of dishes.

Over the last 8 years, I have cooked and eaten a lot of meatless dishes, and I have made it my silent mission to show the people around me just how much variety I do get to enjoy. If anything, I have found that since being vegetarian, I have had to get more creative in the kitchen than I ever was before. You can do some amazing things with a slice of watermelon or a peach, or a beautiful slab of halloumi cheese. I experiment a lot, sometimes with disappointing results but generally I discover something new and delicious. Being vegetarian, I have had to remove some of the boundaries placed on certain foods. Fruit can become a centerpiece for your main course rather than just a snack or a dessert. You can peruse the produce section of the grocery store and come home with a bounty of deliciousness. You become braver when it comes to trying new fruits and vegetables, and I have new experiences with food even now.

So why Vegetarian Deliciousness? A vegetarian diet doesn’t have to be boring, or bland. If you aren’t afraid to try new things, or get creative, you can enjoy a wide array of foods. Vegetarian Deliciousness will be a taster of the variety of foods you can enjoy, along with a little bit of encouragement to try something new in the kitchen.


One thought on “Why Vegetarian Deliciousness?

  1. As a vegetarian fellow, I completely agree with you (and am SO following your blog!). It’s a personal choice. I’ve decided I enjoyed looking at little lambs running around in the field than looking at their flesh in my plate. But most of all, it’s a choice I don’t impose on anyone. And while I see some people professing the positive points in being vegetarian, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say “You should”. So why don’t meat-eaters do the same?
    And yes, vegetarian food is tastier. You cook a ratatouille, and you get all the flavours of the peppers and the tomatoes and the courgettes and everything else. You cook a meat dish, and the meat juices stain everything!
    Since being vegetarian, I’ve found that I enjoyed food more, I eat less, lighter, and no, I don’t miss meat at all.
    I’m looking forward to reading your blog. Hope you’ll share some recipes 🙂


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