Mouths Wide Shut

I have lost count of the number of times the topic of food has come up and I have essentially been told that because I don’t eat meat, I shouldn’t have opinions about food at all. I remember one time complementing a wonderful green bean casserole and having an aunt reply with “how would you know, you don’t eat anything”.

As it happens, I eat a lot of foods. A lot of different foods. There isn’t much within the plant world that I won’t happily devour. But the fact I don’t eat meat apparently makes me a picky eater.  I have family members that won’t eat anything that is green, others with no gluten,  I have an aunt who is on a new diet every month. But the most inconvenient person at the dinner table always seems to be me.

Why?  If there is a family dinner I always take my own food, I don’t expect anyone to make me anything. I also don’t comment on what everyone else is eating.

I am often told that my diet must be boring but i am far more creative with my food now than i ever was before.  I remember coming home from school and while my siblings were making bologna sandwiches for their snack, I was there sautéing up some peppers and mushrooms with a few chili flakes or some garlic salt, or filling tortillas with hummus and raw veggies.  I remember planning out my after school snack while riding the bus home.  I eat more fresh fruits and vegetables than anyone else in my family. And every big dinner that I’ve been to, I have never taken the exact same thing twice.

I don’t count myself as a picky eater because of my food choices, I’m not picky, I just made a choice.  I don’t feel like it should inconvenience anyone, I don’t expect anything separate or different,  I’m more than willing to bring whatever I need myself.

When I was an omnivore, my diet was a lot more limited than it is now. Partly because I had no idea what kind of foods were out there.  Partly because what my parents always made was never particularly creative so I wasn’t exposed to very many foods. Getting out into the food world myself, I discovered a lot of things that I never knew existed.

Is my diet limited? No.


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